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May 27th, 2013, 10:27 AM
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Current weight: 191.6 (I was down to 189.8. I think AF is about to show up. ugh water weight)
Last week's weight: 192.7
Starting weight: 245.6
Total lost:54

Body fat:~35.7%
Last week's body fat: ~35.8%
Starting body fat: started measuring 5/20 35.8%
Total lost: 0.1% I'm not sure how accurate the scale is for body fat since I don't think I gained like 2lbs of fat since yesterday like it's telling me I did. :/

Measurements:I usually take measurements monthly so I'll just use the ones I have from 5/6/2013, and I take lots of different ones but I'll just post Bust, hips, and waist
Last week's measurements: Bust 45" Hips 46" Waist 38"
Starting measurements:Bust 49" Hips 51" Waist 46"
Total inches lost:a bunch

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