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May 27th, 2013, 10:33 AM
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Hi Ladies,

We are TTC#2 and did our first Follistim cycle this month. On CD18, they canceled the cycle because I had two 19mm follies, two 15 mm and five around 12-13 mm. (I'm a bit miffed because I called the nurse twice in the days before the cancellation to double check that they didn't want to pull back on my dosage but they poo-pooed my concerns.)

When the nurse called to tell me to cancel, she told me to do the trigger that night and abstain from sex for the rest of the cycle. I mentioned that DH and I had had sex the night before, was she sure we should trigger?? She went back and checked with the doc who said do not trigger, just ride out the cycle.

So we are riding out the cycle but it all feels a bit weird. If there was a risk of cancellation, why didn't they tell us not to have sex? DH's swimmers are good so are we now risking quads?

Anyway, I'm just wondering if anyone else on here has had cancelled IUI's and what their experience has been. I've been impressed overall with the RE practice I've been seeing but honestly, it feels like they botched this one.
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