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May 27th, 2013, 12:05 PM
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Ok with the full awareness that this may be driven by pregnancy and way too many progesterone thoughts... i still feel i need to ask. So i dont post alot but i do read and check the board so mant times i am embarassed to say but with that said.... i made a post about a week or so ago because of needing to vent and having an open forum and at least one of the topics i was hoping someone could relate to... it was viewed 30+ times and not by me but no one responded liked nothing... with the fear maybe i offended someone or was just the nuisance of the board after a few days i edited to just say nevermind since i couldnt delete it. Since then though i have visited the board i have not really posted.
I do want to apologize if i have been a nuisance to u all or offended yall in anyway.
I have sent and received my shower gift and will be leaving the board until the reveal and then for good. I wish you all the best on your pregnancies and new additions.

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