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May 27th, 2013, 03:10 PM
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I didn't do a video because DH was using the leaf blower If a video would help, I can do one!

It takes about 31" of room from the very front part to the back of the top.

With the Radian you can have the Radian touching the front seat but ONLY if your vehicle allows it (our minivan does not, the Toyota SUVs we have do allow it).

Here is the Radian with the angle adjuster wedge...makes the seat a little more upright later when the child is older. It is great for giving the person in front of the seat a little more leg room:

Don't know if a First Years True Fit would work? It has a removeable headrest (Abigail doesn't need it right now...she is too short and doesn't weigh 22 lbs yet) to make it shorter for RFing and we really like the seat. I got mine at Walmart for $150, and we really like the seat.


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