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May 27th, 2013, 05:05 PM
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I think we're good on the video. Thanks!

My head is just spinning. I've been reading and reading; the links you posted and others that I found when I googled rf-ing car seats for Honda elements. Sounds like it's gonna suck regardless of what we get. I will have to climb in either through the front and put her in, or through the rear driver side (she's in the passenger side).
We're now talking about what we would trade the element in for when I get pregnant again. I am SO attached to that car but it only has 4 seats. And it's obviously very difficult to rf in it!
I nanny 2 girls so there's no extra room for another baby.... So it's in the foreseeable future that we have to upgrade. Sigh.
Thanks for your help Melissa!!! Looks like we will get the radian.

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