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May 27th, 2013, 07:04 PM
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There were two in elementary school that I remember the most, one was my favourite at the time. Miss. Greason, she was fun and gave out prizes for everything and gifts on your birthday we just had a great time with her. The second was Mrs. McGregor, I didn't like her at all at the time, she was tall and super skinny with white hair and boney fingers with long nails. Honestly she reminded me of a witch. If you made a mistake she wouldn't tell you want it was but would tap her long finger nails on your paper until you corrected it. But I realized after I was out of her class how much I learned from her. I went from a C average to getting As and Bs by the end of her teaching me grade 5.

Highschool was Mrs. Lucus. She taught English, and was the quietest, tiniest teacher you'd ever meet. She always spoke to us like adults instead of kids, she respected us and we respected her.

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