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May 27th, 2013, 07:58 PM
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Please, please don't let guilt over other people's feelings about you having a baby make you feel pressured to abort. As for your mother, you know she will support you, and we all know she's going to be head over heels for that baby when it gets here, and probably well before that. Your ex's feelings aren't really important right now. If he doesn't want to man up and take responsibility that's his problem. Don't let it make up your mind for you.

I think your concerns about an abortion leaving you emotionally damaged or causing problems in your relationship with your mother are valid. You know the most about yourself, your situation, and your family. But please don't let anyone emotionally manipulate you into a decision you don't feel right about.

As for the list of pros and cons, I think this is a very difficult thing to do. What are your cons? Babies take time, money, and add responsibility. They often disrupt plans. For some of us, they come when we don't expect. For others they don't come when they want them. But these are true no matter when in life you have a baby. And the pros? It's hard to put a value on 'mothering this baby', it's even harder to quantify the joy that comes from that. If you want to mother this baby, don't let people make the cons seem more important than that.

In the end, it's really just a question of your story. Choosing an abortion because the baby's father and your parents are making you feel guilty and like you have no choice is letting them take control of a decision that you will bear the consequences of.
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