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May 27th, 2013, 10:51 PM
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I just want to say it is going to be a tough decision both ways. I say ultimately... do whatever lets you sleep at night and dont worry about anyone else. If you feel deep down that abortion will relieve the burden and make you feel like you can move past it alright then you will know it is best. I do get the impression that you dont have your mind made up yet and might always have those "what if" thoughts, though. If you are not certain, just know nothing is set in stone until you finally do it. You do have time to think on it. If you do go through with it, yes you will struggle some.. but life does go on.

I honestly cried when I found out I was pregnant for a full day and told my mom. She was very supportive. I am doing it alone. Here I am now 30+ weeks and expecting my baby boy. I now have all I need for him to be set up and more after lots of hard work. I feel like I can breathe for now and my family is very excited. People around you will adapt and if your ex doesn't want to be there, you won't be the only one going through it alone. It is possible.. not always easy.. but possible. I also agree on joining a due date club if you do keep the baby. They are great and fully accepting of single moms. I love my group of ladies. They are a support group/family here.
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