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May 28th, 2013, 02:26 AM
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Congrats to your BF for getting the job!! that's awesome

As for the help, definitely ask for it if you feel like you will need it! In the nicest way possible, they will tell you 'no' if they really can't there is no harm in asking. I hope somebody does help you, cause I sure needed it!

My partners old job was very seasonal, so he would have months where he would have no work, then it would pick back up again. Thankfully (in a way) the down-period was over the 1st 4 months of Eve's life. I needed that help desperately. For the first 8-9 weeks of Eve's life, the poor wee mite was in constant pain from a cows milk allergy and reflux we didn't cotton on until she was 6 weeks old, then we had to wait for the meds and new formula to kick in.

That is just my experience though.

And if you can, try drop him at work and keep the car! Especially when you and bubba get into a routine. You will go crazy keeping yourself at home, or get bored of the things you can do nearer to home.

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