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May 28th, 2013, 07:32 AM
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Before I got married I did the "backpack"across Europe thing and loved it It is crazy how once you are in Europe many of the travel flights are so cheap But flying from city to another in the USA is crazy outrageous at times... we went to London for our honeymoon and it cost us less to go there for 14 days then it would have to go to NYC for 14 days.. CRAZY.

We do have a limited amount of places we can go since DH is military but many places in EUROPE is wide open and of course Australia Some times we can get "hop flights" if they are available and are super cheap like less than $100.00 and they go from one base to another.

I hope to have a preggo belly but if not, this girl is having fun

Seaweed: Any suggestions for our Greece trip?!

DH's mother's side of his family is from England so we go there a ton and i would move there if I could
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