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May 28th, 2013, 08:01 AM
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Thank you all your responses have helped. I have now told my ex partner and mother and father that I want to keep the baby as I feel this baby is apart of me and if I have the abortion I feel the feeling of loss will be too much for me to deal with. My father has lashed out a little bit and said that they will be supportive and put a roof over my head for a bit but I'm ruining there future plans and they don't want a child running around so once it gets to about 1-2 ill need to move out. My mother is just not talking to me and says I'm making a mistake, I feel that for parents that claim they support my decision either way and respect my choice they aren't really acting very supportive. I feel they may resent me and hold it against me for keeping this baby, again putting doubts in my mind should I just go through with the abortion to please everyone else and just learn to live with it?
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