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May 28th, 2013, 09:32 AM
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What time is your apt today? Mine's at 2:15 EST. I'm really hoping it's in and out bc I'm just not in the mood or ready to go over the hardcore birth plans for a few reasons.

Last night I worked on the temporary nursery which is my DD's room. I'm going to have to kick thm out for th first month or so until I'm healed from the c/s bc their bed is the only place in the house that's the right height for me to get in and out of with an incision. We bed-share bc it makes nursing so much easier so we don't use a crib but we do have a bassinet for daytime naps. Anyways, I moved their bed and some other furniture around to make room for the changing table and had to sweep all the junk from under the furniture that's been trapped there. I'm about half done in there but it feels good to have gotten at least started on it since I'm 37 weeks today.

Do you have a nursery? What do you have left for baby prep? Have a good apt today!
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