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May 28th, 2013, 01:59 PM
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Wow that's quite a list!

I just started mixing things up a bit...I used maca this winter, with success, to help balance my hormones and lengthen my luteal phase. Took a break from most things TTC (other than baby dancing lol) when we moved in February/March.

So now, I'm
-back on maca powder
-b6 and b complex vitamins
-pre-natals (started those while we were NTNP over a year ago)
-really cleaning up my diet and going paleo, making sure to eat more calories and carbs (from healthy, paleo friendly sources)
-cut out coffee (this was hard but I did it!!)
-lots of walking
-charting/temping again
-making more time to relax and de-stress
-just started seeing a chiropractor

Hubby recently had a SA done, came back normal. I am booked in for a laprascopy in July for possible endo, as well as a HSG.
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