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May 28th, 2013, 02:42 PM
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Good thread Nicholle!

I'll try and remember everything:

Folic Acid
EPO from CD1 to O
RRL from CD1 to O
Vitamin D
Lemon Water
Pineapple core
Checking CM and CP (CP less so)
BDing at varied times - every day, sperm meets egg plan, every other day
Laying down for 30mins post BDing & no peeing for as long as possible
Charting my BBT
Lap sx to open closed fallopian tube
Loosing weight - 30lbs so far
Cutting down alcohol - i very rarely have anything to drink these days

And for DF
Pycnogonel (?sp) supplements
Cutting down Caffeine & Alcohol
Drinking more water
Not using heated seats in the car
Loose fitting underwear

I think I'm maybe still missing a couple, i'll add them if i remember!

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