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May 28th, 2013, 06:19 PM
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You cannot let them decide for you. I had an abortion and was ceetainly pressured into it by my ex and mother, I regretted it and I still do. After I went to the dr to check everuthing had gone as "planned" which was when I got such upsetting news. I was told I would most likey not be able to have anymore children! That my uterus was scarred ( i had pelvoc inflamatory disease wgen I was younger ) and I was lucky I had gotten pregnant before. I felt HORRIBLE. I pretty much jumoed out pf the relationship with my abuosive ex ( the nabys father) and into a "relationship" with one of my friends . We had known each other for at least 7 yrs. At first I was just fooling around, but he really wanted a relationship with me so we did. We typically used protection, but one night we didnt . Three weeks later I was pregnant! I honestlt did not believe I could get pregnant. I told him my chances were extremely low, if at all. We were stunned and I was wieried because I had had an abortion just over a month prior. Of coursr we kept the baby. My father didnt talk to me for 6mos +. My mom wasnt mad but kept saying are u sure are u sure, becausr really she wasnt sure. ( I was living on my own btw) But when Ryan was born, they ogled him, they held him loved him, soiled him, and it was instant love. Its been that way evwe since and thwy both really support and have even apologized for the way they acted when I told them. And again of u really decide you arent ready there is always adoption.

Oh I should add I DID end up getting a second opinion, and he said while there was scarring I should have any problem getting pregnant, which was obvious to me because I have two "little critters" now lol
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