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May 28th, 2013, 08:41 PM
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What size is Lo wearing....
Diapers? Just transitioned into size 3 this week
Clothes? 6 month, long enough for 9 month pants and Jammie's
Shoes? 1
Weight right around 14 lbs I think
Length around 26 inches
Newest Milestone. Doing a lot of babbling now, rolling more frequently, and sitting up for short times
Started Solids? Nope
Breastfeeding/Formula Feeding? EBF
Mommy feel back to normal? Yep! Have actually felt pretty back to normal (outside of a few lingering pounds at first ) since she was around 2 months
Af Back? Nope
Proud Mommy to Laila Grace, born 12/14/12

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