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May 28th, 2013, 09:56 PM
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BBT Charting
Pads instead of Tampies to get AF over faster
B100 Complex Vitamins for LP
Pineapple Core
Exercising/Trying to lose weight
Every other day BD from end of AF until a week after Pos OPK (I usually O late so it's a lot of BDing, lol)
Laying down after BD, usually I just got to sleep
DH had S/A with very good results
No alcohol from O to AF

DH is on a pretty strict Paleo diet, it certainly hasn't hurt his fertility (virility, lol sorry). He really wants me to be Paleo with him. I am working on it, but I slip up whenever I am out with my friends and I know that if you "cheat" a lot you get almost no benefits from being Paleo part time. Darn you corn and gluten!

And I probably missed a couple, but those are the main ones. Y'all gave me a couple good ideas. Thanks!!

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