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May 29th, 2013, 07:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Wishinfor2ndblessing View Post
I confess that I will purposefully not give Sophia a full bottle in the evening so that I can feed her again before bed time. If she eats dinner before 8 she will NOT STTN. So if she gets hungry between 4-7 I will adjust the amount between 2-4 oz (consider it a snack) I give her and make her wait just so I can STTN too. I know its prob mean, but I gotta get sleep.
I pretty much do the same thing. I nurse at 5 and 7, feed solids at 7:30, and an 8oz bottle at 8:30. I've tried dropping one of the feedings but then he doesn't STTN. I'd rather be constantly feeding him in the evening and have him STTN. I thought his evening feeding routine would change by now, but it hasn't. Oh well, no biggie, lol
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