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May 29th, 2013, 09:05 AM
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Hi I am a newbie and been reading some post about BFN that were not acurrate and I have been late now I am 22 days late and this is day 50 in my cycle. before this I was very regular and spot on each month for at least the last three years.

Have a DD who is 8 and was born and conceived naturally...

now with new DH and been ttc for several years. at one point DH had testosterone tested and said it was a little low...

recently split up and got back together and this would essentially be the doc if I am pg....

Went to the pregnancy care center here in town and got a BFN it was a $ store test i think and so I planned to wait a few days and test again with a more expensive brand..l

I bought a FIRER and tested three days ago and also got a BFN

getting ready to go back to pregn center and test again to see if I get a BFP....

I have been crampy, headaches nonstop, the naseau just got bad yesterday and achya ll over in my tummy and every where else... cm discharge for a bout a week now and no significant change in breast as far as i can tell really........ but tired as all get out!!!

I dont think i remember ever being this tired! :-0 but I will let you know what the test says in a lil bit... may lay down when i get home since i have been up all night and starting to feel it... sending baby dust to everyone ttc! God Bless you all..

I have fibromyalgia ddd and arthritis and am meds for them as well as get injections for it too... have been told the steroid injections can make me miss but have had the shots for about six years now and never missed before? hoping it is not the shots!
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