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May 29th, 2013, 02:19 PM
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I'm so excited to be able to respond to both sets of questions!

How far along are you? 23w1d
Any milestones passed? 22wk scan with high risk OB last week went great - baby's heart, brain, etc all looked perfect
Any thing new to report (hb, u/s, etc)? high risk OB wants me to have monthly growth scans from now until birth to check blood flow & baby's growth...kind of bums me out that he thinks I need the extra monitoring, but who can argue with 4 additional sneak peeks at my miracle?
How are you feeling? Still a bit nauseous but doing better
Next appointment and what for? (ie regular, u/s, bloodwork, etc) Next Tue is 24wk appt with OB - routine, nothing exciting (I hope)
Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? Yep, broke down I think around 16wks and went to maternity much more comfy!

Rainbow Baby:
How old is your Rainbow Baby? Miss Savannah is recently turned 3 1/2...going on 16 I fear her teenage years
What size clothes is your rainbow baby wearing? My tall girl is solidly in size 5 clothes and moving rapidly into size 6 (she's about 43" tall)
What food/drink is your baby eating/drinking these days? She loves fruit (cantaloupe & watermelon are big favs right now), salmon and mac & cheese (not together) are also big favorites
What is baby up to these days? We're finally declaring potty training success (!!) and she's taking both gymnastics & swim, we held ballet & tap classes out as carrot for potty training success and she's already demanding to know when she gets to start those (in Fall)
Share a picture of baby?
Here's Savannah at her school's luau end of year party a couple of weeks ago:

And here's her baby sister @22wk appt:

Savannah Stylin!

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