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May 29th, 2013, 06:19 PM
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This is a big issue for us... when I was working it was at a local food coop and, with two incomes and a store discount, we bought good, local food, lots of it organic. Now that I'm only working occasionally, we can't afford to shop the same way. Where I've come down is that there are some things that straight up HAVE to be organic - apples, strawberries, etc. (the dirty dozen!) For meat and dairy (and really all of our food) we work really hard to know where it's coming from. We buy from local dairies, farms and ranches that practice sustainability, don't use antibiotics or hormones and are basically using organic techniques, whether they're certified or not. There are a lot of growers out there that don't use pesticides or chemicals and are really "organic", but the cost of becoming certified is ridiculously prohibitive. We also use very little processed food, and what we do buy is either organic or we know where it comes from.

I'm pretty passionate about this topic because I think that we've turned over control of what we put into our bodies and who knows what the long term consequences will be. If I can help it my kids will have sugar substitutes, food dyes, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup rarely, if ever.

Stepping quietly off soapbox now.....

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