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May 30th, 2013, 07:22 AM
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My little guy will be 4 in a few months, and is going to be starting JK in September. Problem is, we're STILL struggling with potty training him. We had him running around w/o anything on from the waist down for a week, and he got to be pretty reliable with using the potty on his own. But when we tried to transition him to undies, if he's not wearing pants also, he'll take his undies off first chance he gets and run around bottomless. His grasp of the progress he made when he was half naked seems to have gone right out the window. He says "no pee-pee, no poo-poo in big boy underwear", but doesn't mean it. Pull-ups didn't help, either. We put him on (we've gone back to diapers) the potty every 45 minutes, and it's a great celebration when he's successful, but most of the time, after a minute or 2 sitting on the potty, he'll want to get off, saying "no pee-pee, no poo-poo". He's looking forward to going to school, and we've told him "you can't go to school and play with the other kids if you're still in diapers", but he doesn't seem to care. He also doesn't care if he's walking around in wet or dirty underwear or diapers.

We don't really like the idea of using food as a reward, and he's scared of stickers (we think it's because he associates them with getting needles at the doctor's), so we're really scratching our heads as to what the best way to get the message through to him is. And it bothers me when we talk to other people, and they say "oh, MY kids were potty trained by the time they were xx months old", but don't offer any valid suggestions on how to help Ben's training along.

My other worry is that I'm 5 months pregnant, and I REALLY don't want to have to be changing diapers on 2 kids if I can avoid it!
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