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May 30th, 2013, 08:51 AM
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I am 21, recently went away to school for a semester and came home two weeks ago. Found out yesterday I was pregnant, but this morning I got the results for my blood tests. I have been with my boyfriend since January, but we've only been "officially together" for a month. A little background on me, I was in an abusive relationship (my first relationship) for a few years with a black male, I am white, and it little tore me and my family apart. I feel like the last year, or less than the last year, I finally got my life together, am happy, getting along with my family, and everything has fallen into place. My mom and sister know about my boyfriend, however, I have yet to tell my brothers and fathers and have them meet him. He's amazing so I am very optimistic that although they're scared of me dating, they will love him. However, I am waiting to tell him the news now. I have no doubt we would both love our child and be amazing parents, but I am so scared.

It was unreal to wake up this morning and have my doctor tell me on the phone that I am pregnant. I was up all night making pros and cons lists, and I narrowed my choices down to abortion and raising my child. I was always against abortion before, and I think my only two reasons for having an abortion would be so my boyfriend and I's lives could just continue and also so I don't have to tell my parents. I am not sure how they would react and I am scared to find out. I know my next step is telling my boyfriend, but anyone in my similiar situation or any type of advice that could be helpful at all I would love.

I stayed up all night on this site reading everyone's blogs, so I know this was the right place to come.
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