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May 30th, 2013, 08:57 AM
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Finally have more than a couple of minutes online!

Originally Posted by Dandelion View Post
Have you been eating healthy this pregnancy? Lol

What's one "bad" for you food you give into?


What's the thing you look forward to the most after baby is here?

Can we see a recent picture of you? (Face included!)
Umm, kind of? I eat lots of healthy things--lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. But I also have a major sweet tooth that I have been indulging. I wasn't gaining much weight at first so figured it was OK. I have to be more careful the rest of the pregnancy, though, since I am gaining weight now. But that starts after vacation!


Haven't really had many cravings. Usually it's just whatever I see that sounds good. Like when walking around downtown the past couple of days, my husband kept laughing because I would see some food and want it so bad. But I was good and didn't stop at the cupcake or ice cream shop!

I think getting to know her and her personality. We're really curious what she'll be like.

This is very recent (yesterday, 27w2d) in the park my husband and I got married in. Our sixth anniversary is next Monday, so I made him come take pictures there with me (but I don't think he'd appreciate me posting the one with him in it).

Originally Posted by AprylLynn View Post
Do you have a show your into watching that your embarrassed to admit?

What is it? hehe

What is your favorite time of the year?

What has been the hardest part of this pregnancy?

What has been the easiest part of this pregnancy?

What are you looking forward to in June?
Yeah, I've gotten kind of into The Voice. Just embarrassed because I usually won't watch reality TV at all and am totally not into any pop-type music.

Fall. Not a fan of being super hot or cold, and my allergies are awful in the spring, so that narrows it down!

Oh, these are difficult ones to answer! I think sleeping has been the hardest part. I love sleep, and being unable to do it comfortably straight through the night is maddening. Though if you'd asked a few months ago, I would have definitely complained about morning sickness!

The easiest part would probably be my work situation. Any other time, I know this pregnancy would be harder, but I'd only been working part-time, my boss is crazy excited that I'm pregnant and super protective of me, and my job ended last week so I get the summer off anyway.

Probably my baby showers, because even though I usually hate being the center of attention, it's nice every once in a while! Also very excited that we'll be bringing home a new doggy in a couple of weeks and he's a total sweetie.

Originally Posted by Hesperleigh View Post
What kind of music do you like?

What's your guilty pleasure?

How did you end up in South Korea? Military? How much longer will you be there?
Not the most common stuff--folk, celtic, jazz. It's what I grew up with and it really stuck. I usually don't particularly care for most of what I'd hear on the radio.

This probably goes back to my sweet tooth. Sugar is my vice, and I have definitely had to sneak it in throughout my life because I know I shouldn't have it!

Hubby works with the military but as a civilian, so it's a similar situation while we're there except we live off-post and actually got to choose to go there and when we go home. We've got three years total and will be moving back to Virginia in August of 2014, so when the baby is a year old.

Phew! I think that's it so far.
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