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May 30th, 2013, 10:51 AM
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That's too funny that your apt was the same time as mine technically but an hour off in timezone. I've been wondering about you this morning bc of that lady's prediction. Your nursery is so cute

I'm going to be working on mine in a few. I located some baby clothes and cloth diapers so I'm going to be loading them up in the dresser and changing table.

Try not to stress about 'the bag'. I've found that ppl make way too big a deal out of it. Here's a list from my hospital website that I find pretty accurate:

Things You Should Bring to the Hospital:
When you arrive at the hospital you will only need to bring in a small bag containing your labor supplies.
Please leave all other luggage in the car. These other items can be retrieved after the delivery. Please leave all valuables at home.

Labor and Delivery Supplies for Mom
• Important phone numbers
• Note paper & pencil
• Photo ID and insurance cards
• Camera & extra batteries (film, if needed)
•Your choice of music to labor with (each labor
has a DVD that can play CDs)
• Toothbrush & toothpaste
• Hairbrush, hair clips or hairbands
• Lip moisturizer, Chap Stick
• Socks
• Slippers or comfortable shoes
•Pillows, if you will want more than what
is offered
•Bathing suit top or extra comfort bra for
laboring tubs
• Contact lens case and solution, eyeglasses
• Baby book for footprints
• Lotion or powder for massage
•Snacks & drinks (ask your nurse about eating
or drinking during & after labor)
•Birth ball and/or other labor aids (the Women’s
Pavilion has birthing balls available, please ask
the nurse if you are interested)

Additional Items
•money for parking – parking is $1.00 per visit.
There is no parking attendant so ones are best
to have on hand. You may also purchase parking
tokens inside the Women’s Pavilion.
•money for vending machines – vending
machines are available when the gift shop is
closed. The gift shop may not be able to provide

Mom’s Bag
•Nightgowns or PJ’s and Robe (button down or
nursing wear for breastfeeding)
•Nursing bras
•Nursing Pads
•Toiletries (shampoo, soap, deodorant)
•Comfortable clothes to wear home.

Partner’s Bag
•Easy on shoes (for walking around the room)
•Snacks & drinks (each Family Care room has a
mini fridge for your convenience)
•Photo ID (visitors will need to provide security
with ID in exchange for a visitors pass, this
includes partners)
Baby’s Bag
•2 to 3 outfits
•Special outfit for First Photo
•3 receiving blankets
•1 heavy blanket during winter months
•Pacifiers (sterilize and put in a plastic bag)
Don’t forget the Car Seat

My list of things I have left to do is so long still but mainly getting our home organized and the baby's things out and washed. I've purchased all the essentials and I know the drill on going to hossy and have arrangements made for my parents watching the other kiddos. I'm going to be printing up a birthplan (mainly aftercare plan) by Monday bc I have an apt with baby's dr about baby's aftercare. I'm preregistered already but I haven't packed my bags yet. I want to have it done by the weekend though. One less thing to deal with.

At 40 weeks I'm going to dye my hair and get a haircut and have DH detail the van and install our carseat.

Things are coming together. It's just taking a while and a lot of effort.

How are you today?
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