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May 30th, 2013, 11:35 AM
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Hi, Im new here. Im not really sure where to post this, so I put it under babynames, although it's not really about my baby's name. In the country where I live it's normal to send everyone you know a card to let them know the baby is born. On this card is usually a little poem (2 to 4 lines) as well. Me and my partner are both from different countries and we have a lot of international friends, so we would like a little poem in either english or spanish as well. The rest of the card is gonna be in another language. The poem that we have in the other language comes down to this:
In mommy's belly it was a miracle
In daddy's arms its amazing/special.

In the language that we have it in, it rhymes and it sounds nice, this is just my translation Does anyone know a rhyme/poem similiar to this either in English or Spanish? It doesnt have to be exactly the same, but the same meaning, about 2 to 4 lines.

Or can someone tell me what search to look for in google so I will get those kinds of poems. I tried looking for birth poems, new born poems, new born verse, but either I get long poems as result or example on what you put on a card to someone who just had a baby. Im looking for a text to put on a card to make an announcement of my baby.
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