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May 30th, 2013, 12:34 PM
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May 30 2013 22 weeks 4 days
This last weekend since we had Monday off for Memorial day, we went for a mini get away at Patoka Lake, IN and it was wonderful! Lekha had a blast at the water park and so did we. I was surprised I had so much fun what with my preggo belly and all! I was exhausted will all the running around behind DD and climbing up and down the stairs to the slide with her. She also 'went fishing' with her dad. Our cabin was cozy and comfortable and it was a nice relaxing weekend. We drove back home on Sunday night.

In pregnancy news - baby's kicks have been getting stronger and stronger. DH can feel them now and we can even see the kick from the outside sometimes! My energy level is good and I feel good. I still occasionally get the sour taste when I eat carbs and sugars, but even that is getting better. My rather expensive chiropractic appts are still going on twice a week - not sure if they are helping. But the pain isn't getting worse and the chiropractor seems to be working on the right areas.. and teaching me some good exercises. If only I was consistently doing them! I try though.

My belly is sure getting huge and weight wise my analog scale at home still says I am under 140 lbs ~136 - 138 lbs. But I look a lot bigger than that! Well its for a good cause and I hope to get it off after the baby comes. We'll see
Thats about it for this update. My next OB appt is on June 14 when I'll be close to 25 weeks
Expecting baby girl September 29th

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