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May 30th, 2013, 02:10 PM
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I was a mother at 16 years old. I am now 40 and my daughter is 23. I personally do not feel abortion is right for me, however I do believe in a woman's right to chose. It is true that no matter what decision you make it will impact the both of you significantly, however you will be more impacted than your bf. You have to ask yourself a question, can you handle the responsibility of parenthood? Forget about your BF for a moment, because should it not work out, this baby is with YOU 24/7. Are you ready to sacrifice your own needs for this child? There are plenty of other options that do not include terminating a pregnancy. You have the opportunity to bring a life into this world and you can either take on the responsibility that comes with it or you can answer the dream of a woman who for whatever reason is unable to conceive.

You first must tell your bf, take in consideration his thoughts as well. Try to make this decision together. Your parents will get over it. Sure maybe they will be upset or disappointed, but the moment that baby arrives and they lay eyes on their next generation,they will be in love.

I wish you luck in your decision. There are so many opportunities you have here, choose wisely as it will seriously impact your life forever.

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