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May 30th, 2013, 02:53 PM
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Thanks so much, all of your answers have helped so much.

I am warming up to the idea of telling my mom, I actually want too, and I know that I cannot go through with any choice without her being by my side.

I've obviously been non-stop thinking and running every scenario through my head, I am trying not to base any decision off of my relationship because he is not a permanent thing in my life, however, my child would be.

He's been supportive so far, and we live a few hours away but we will be together tonight so we can talk about it. Also, I agree, I don't believe in abortion and I feel as though that option would leave me depressed and filled with regret for the rest of my life.

I truly believe I could be a great mother, granted my bank account is not ideal for this situation, however, I know I could have help. It's just a hard decision when you're not ready, had I finished college two years from now, it would be easy.. and I would keep my child.

However, I still have time to think.

Thank you all so much, I appreciate all of your responses more than you understand.
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