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May 30th, 2013, 03:33 PM
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You at least have one answer, and that is no matter what the choice is it will not be termination. I will also say this, if we ALL waited until our bank accounts were full to have babies, I think the population would be a lot less! You can still finish school, with a great support system, you most certainly could! I don't know the circumstances of your parents, like if one stays home etc, but I bet if you chose to keep the baby they would certainly help you so you can finish school. Don't forget that although your BF and you are new, his family should also be willing to help if that decision is to keep the baby.
If the choice is adoption, they do so many different types of adoption these days, like an open adoption. My first view of open adoption was not a great one. In my mind it was like you are having a baby, giving the child to another family to raise but still be involved in their life? Then I swear, after watching 16 & Pregnant, I see it differently. It allows both you and the child to still have some type of a relationship where you can both know that you made the choice to give the child a better life and you can see that the child is having a great life.
Good Luck!

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