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May 30th, 2013, 04:13 PM
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So today I was at the dollar store & saw Prune juice, and it's supposed to be great for iron so i bought it. I went home and got out all the groceries and suddenly just felt sooooo thirsty & the juice looked so good so I opened the bottle and, without thinking, downed about 2/3 of it. we're talking a 16 oz jar.

Yeah. Forgot what else prune juice does. Now I'm staying close to the bathroom... kicking myself for forgetting (how do you forget that?) It's amazing any of us survive pregnancy with what all these hormones do to us....

In other news. Saw my baby today we're 7 weeks 3 days along, which puts our duedate at around 13th of January. Hooray. My kids are excited to spill the news to *everyone* :/ no secrets kept in our family...

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