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May 30th, 2013, 05:42 PM
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I will be of little help here. I have doctors who tell me that not to call until I cannot breathe through my contractions. (Yeah right. With our second child the doc sent me to L&D when during a planned appointment I was 7 cm dilated. Got to L&D to find out that I was contacting). Other doctor says to call if I have any concerns. I talked with the doc today during a regular appointment. I want to go just naturally but have a fear of not making it to the hospital. He said that if I reach 5 cm it will be my decision whether I want to be admitted. If I get to 7 it is highly recommended that I go directly to L&D. You may want to ask your doc to check you. Perhaps they would provide a like option if you are really concerned about a quick delivery.

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