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May 30th, 2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kim3 View Post
I will be of little help here. I have doctors who tell me that not to call until I cannot breathe through my contractions. (Yeah right. With our second child the doc sent me to L&D when during a planned appointment I was 7 cm dilated. Got to L&D to find out that I was contacting). Other doctor says to call if I have any concerns. I talked with the doc today during a regular appointment. I want to go just naturally but have a fear of not making it to the hospital. He said that if I reach 5 cm it will be my decision whether I want to be admitted. If I get to 7 it is highly recommended that I go directly to L&D. You may want to ask your doc to check you. Perhaps they would provide a like option if you are really concerned about a quick delivery.

I went in just Tuesday (2 days ago) and I was at a 4cm (well the tip of a 4cm from what dr said) and still 50% effaced...I have another appointment scheduled for Tuesday coming up on the 4th for the afternoon. I am thinking if the contractions get worse (more uncomfortable or unbearable) then I will go in. Right now I am getting quite hungry (haven't had much of an appetite today) and FIL is going to get dinner so lil guy is tumbling and tightening in there and making EVERYTHING uncomfortable. Plus, I hate to go in without DH

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