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May 30th, 2013, 09:01 PM
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I wanted to say that a girl at my church had a baby almost a year ago. She had over a year of college left. It wasn't easy for her, but she is down to one class before graduation.

I agree that if people waited till they could afford children, our race would be extinct! lol There are programs to help, and every college around here has a daycare on campus so I would think yours does if you choose to keep the baby. Your parents will get over any disappointment if they have any, and both your parents and his will love that child when it's born.

If you don't think you could raise a child, and he, his parents, or your parents didn't volunteer to do it for you, there are many women that struggle with infertility. Adoption is so wonderful. In some cases you can even choose the parents of your child. Open adoption, I think.

As big a Christian as I am, I kind of agree with 3maybe on counseling. I do go to a center in town when I'm pregnant. You go, watch a video, get a package of free diapers. I love me some free diapers! But they are faith based, and I had a woman tell me that even if your child had spinal bifida to the point where it grew no skull and would surely die, you should NOT get an abortion. Carry that baby! It got a little ridiculous, and I am pro-life. lol I actually don't think my preacher would be like that, though. Not everyone is as black and white about abortion.
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