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May 30th, 2013, 10:13 PM
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WaitinginNJ, the baby probably wouldn't have even survived 9 months in the womb! It was crazy. When I was asked about my opinions on abortion, I told them that I am against it for birth control only. I don't think they liked the answer. But if I'm having sex, I accept the risk. Even if I had been preventing. The only 100% prevention is no sex.

Rape I am on the fence about. I would try to carry the baby and give it up, but I normally get hyperemesis with my pregnancies. I get so sick that I can't honestly say I would put myself through that with a forced pregnancy.

I go to church, but I haven't paid my 10% in a long time. I give offering when I can, but we are on a tight budget. I love listening to my preacher. Church of God here. He's pretty funny. Has some humorous ways of looking at events in the Bible. Since I'm down south, it's pretty hard to find someone that isn't hellfire and ****ation. I was told Catholics usually didn't get those, though. lol
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