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May 31st, 2013, 12:09 AM
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So Sunday while watching tv with hubby my water broke, I was only 36weeks1day do my doctor told me to come into the hospital, so I did I wasn't having any contractions and I did not get the group b strep exam so they hooked me upto the monitors as well as pitocin and an antibiotic as soon as I got there, I was only 1cm dialated at 1pm Sunday when I came in by the next morning when one of my regular doctors came in I was 2cm around 8isham and he saw more membrane that hadn't ruptured so he ruptured it which sent Benito crazy contractions, I got an epidural they checked me again and I was only 3cm dialated after 25houra of labor. Since my water had broke so long ago I was forced to get a c section for the health of the baby, so after my c section the baby was in NICU so I isn't get so see her for awhile =( she had to be on an IV for antibiotics just incase and she had to have a lot of blood work done. Although she did come out 7lb 8oz she is still considered a "late preterm baby". I am breast feeding which made things difficult when I got the c section because I wasn't able to do that first contact or feeding quick enough. My husband had to argue with a nurse over giving her. Binky, he won no pacifiers, in the NICU she even had a sign that said my mom said no pacifiers. they also had to give her formula because her sugar was 31 and it was supposed to be over 50, so for her health they gave it to her. We did skin to skin as soon as I was out of recovery they brought me to the NICU in my recovery bed and let me breast feed. I'm having a difficult time with it because she is a lazy baby , I had two sessions with the lactation consultant and she pretty much told me that a baby born between 35 and 37 weeks is the hardest to breast feed. So it's been very challenging especially with the nurses in the NICU all going different information to you. she has a tongue tie which also makes it more difficult because I have to use a nipple shield because her tongue doesn't come out far enough to do it all by the breast. She goes to the doctor Saturday and may have to have laser surgery to help it. She is very healthy otherwise though. they discharged me thissss morning but I had to wait util about 5 for her to be released because she ha to see the pediatrician. last night was the only night she spent in my room once she was released from
NICU and she was so fussy it was ridiculous. One of the nurses helped me do I could sleep, she wasn't wrapped tight enough in her swaddle blanket so she was screaming at the top of ER lungs and I really felt like it was my fault like she hadn't been getting enough when breast feeding. =( it's so hard. how do you know she has had enough and isn't just being lazy? She passes out all the time when I try to feed her, I don't want to starve my baby , my milk hasn't come in yet I usually feed from the breast for about 15 minutes on each breast and then I pump after. I dont want to give up, does anyone have any breast feeding tips? I'm also waiting because my insurance will apparently cover a pump for me but I har to call the three numbers they gave me tomorrow to see if they have Medela or the other one, ameda I think it is, I have to have the customer 30.5mm flanges so if I get the ameda one I have flanges that will fit it from the hospital. I'm exhausted it's my first night home with my only baby and I can't get comfortable after this c section. Good news is though that hubby has agreed that being a stay at home mom would be a good choice , especially after he saw how much work breast feeding is ... Well I hope everyone is going well here's the info on my little girl;

Lillian Lynn was born may 27th at 2:11pm via emergency c section when she was only 36 weeks. She was 7lbs 8oz and she is now 6 lbs 13 oz as of when we left the hOspital <3<3

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