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May 31st, 2013, 07:42 AM
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*joins in*

I'm part of the "kill the DH" club!! Yesterday I had ONE thing I had to ask him to do (he took the day off to help me with Kaia so I could have a day "off").. I need to go down to Service Canada and submit my ROE from work so I can start getting EI benefits..and I'm not allowed to drive yet.

So Kaia starts her inconsolable screaming just when we're getting ready to leave.. great. After about 5 mins, DH was too frustrated with her and couldn't handle the cries and got SOOO pissy. Of course, I deal with her doing this EVERY DAY for HOURS in the afternoon.. and he can't deal with it for FIVE FREAKIN MINUTES?????

I will say, he did apologize to me last night and tell me he doesn't understand how I can deal with it on a daily basis... I won't tell him there are times that both me and Kaia are bawling our eyes out together... hahaha.

Oh, and that day off I was supposed to have? Yeah, right. He spent all day doing his own stuff while I dealt with the fussy kidlet...I feel like I might as well be a single mom at this point. Even when I ask him to spend time with the dog while I'm dealing with Appa, he means to, but the dog leaves the room and comes and whines at the gate at the nursery and DH doesn't even notice to call him back.

Soo... also sick of:
- Kaia not going back down after feeds during the day.. I'm sorry, a 3 week old should NOT be awake for 8 hour periods!!
- Not being able to drive!!!!!! ARRRGGG!!!!
- The dog still having issues with not settling completely around the baby (seriously, I would LOVE to be able to hold Kaia on the couch watching tv with the dog in the same room.. I'm SICK of the same 4 walls in the nursery during the HOURS of Kaia's wakeful times).
- Appointments.. I feel like I have no days when I'm HOME and I hate having to bug my mom all the time to take me
- Life. I'm not enjoying things at all these days.
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