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May 31st, 2013, 08:33 AM
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I'm back on MIL. We just spent 3 days on vacation with her. Never again. She noticed the frontal bones on Avery's skull and said you can see them go all the way across because I put head bands on her that are too tight, even though they don't leave a mark on her, and they squeeze the head juices. Then she was criticizing our parenting with DH's daughter, from what she ate to correcting her. All of this to DH when I'm not around. She told him countless times how bad of a son he was on a trip that WE paid for. All she had to pay was her food. We agreed we're pretty much done with her. DH prefers my mom anyway. I refuse to leave Avery alone with her. Sorry lady, you don't treat my husband like crap and then suck up to me so you can see your grand kids.

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