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May 31st, 2013, 11:32 AM
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Weird symbol that showed on my list. It used to be a dot, LOL.

So, how goes it today? Have you taken your 39 weeks belly pic? I don't do those this pg. I swore I was gonna when I was TCCing this one but became too lazy and only took them sporadically but I did manage to get a few at least. The next one is going to be when I'm about to leave for the hospital I've decided.

Just checking that you got my last pm about the contact info. Were you wanting to try to update me or are you going to post it yourself? Just curious . I'm getting really excited for you!!

Nothing new on my end besides how frickin uncomfortable I've been this week. I think the baby tap-dances on my cervix (breech baby) bc I get shooting pains when I walk. Also, I think I pulled some sort of stomach muscle bc it's super painful to sneeze and sleeping is horrible now. I'm only comfortable on my back and it feels weird to sleep like that.

Glad you got your packing mostly done.. I'm still draggin butt on that. I've also been kinda down in the dumps today. I guess stress has turned into depression. I'm tired.

Are you waiting to leave work until the big day? With my first I worked 2 jobs until the last month then quit the part-time one and then worked the full-time one until I was several days overdue. I COULD NOT do that now! Too old now!
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