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May 31st, 2013, 03:00 PM
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Good afternoon
It showed it as a dot on mine, I wonder why it isn't on yours. Odd, but anyway, the list made sense and that's the most important part - thanks again!!

So far so good today, I had an appointment this morning at 8:15 - which went well. Another NST and a cervix check. Everything seems to be moving along - slowly, but surely. The doctor was already talking to me about induction, telling me that we could schedule for this next week. I told him I would like to hold off and hopefully she will come on her own. So I have another appointment on Wednesday to see if there has been any progression and I guess if not he's talking about scheduling my induction at that appointment - I have mixed feelings about that.

I have failed to take my 39 week belly picture yet, but I will this evening and hopefully I'll get to post it tomorrow. I have tried really hard to keep up with that, but it's not as easy as it seems. Remember to do simple things has become a task. I think I will take my 39 weeks pictures, and then we have maternity pictures on sunday morning (as long as I don't go in to labor before then) and I'll do a shot on the way out the door to the hospital....but I'm pretty done taking pictures at this point.
Awww so this little one was planned for you guys? That's really neat!!!

I did get your last PM, I just need to sit down and write you back! FAIL! Hmm, Well I will probably try and keep you posted, I don't know for sure how it will all go, I might be able to post the first post saying I'm off, but then after that it might be easier for me to just get a hold of you. I already saved your e-mail in my phone so I have it.
Thank you! I am starting to get really nervous about all of it now. I wasn't feeling any nerves about it until "induction" was brought up today...made everything seem so....close? ... real? I don't even know the word

I'm sorry you have been super uncomfortable this week That's no fun! Ouch....those shooting pains are NO fun! When she was still able to flip all around I was having pains like that..NOT comfy at all!
Sleeping on your back does feels very odd. I can relate to that. I was sleeping on my back there for a while, now I just feel like I'm suffocating.
I hope you start feeling better!

I have been really....moody lately as well. Just down in the dumps like you. It's been a rough couple weeks. I hope your stress starts to ease up so that you don't stay upset!!

Yeah I am trying to work until I deliver, but it's getting harder and harder to do. I'm irritable and tired and we will see how that works out. I think I will know more about work after this next doctors appointment on Wednesday. I'm so over working right now!
God bless you woman! I can't hardly stand to work two jobs when i'm NOT preggo! You are better than me!
I mean, I guess you do what you have to do, but sheesh....I give you some big brownie points for that!


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