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May 31st, 2013, 11:22 PM
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Hugs!!! About that patio door its likely where the door is set into the wall of the house that's not sealed properly....not something you can exactly eyeball without taking the door out. Lots of patio doors are installed improperly.
Secondly I am very sorry about your friend. My DH and I lost our best friend the year we moved back to MN, we conceived on the one year of his death and are due a few days after his bday. Its definitely harsh to be dealing with sadness while pregnant especially loosing a close friend.
As far as your SO he is probably just as scared about baby coming as you are I'm sure he will settle down a bit once little guy comes. Guys do not bond with baby really before they can see and hold that baby. Its just different for them than it is us.
Also try not to stress too much about going back to work (maybe you can find a relative to watch lil guy for cheaper for when you go back to work?) And as far as his size maybe he's just a peanut and there is nothing wrong. Just keep praying and remember not to stress out too much!

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