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June 1st, 2013, 08:33 AM
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Soo.. DH (whose mission in life is to drive me bonkers) comes home yesterday and tells me that when he was at wk a sweet little girl came through his check-out lane with her parent and she has a name he likes. Evie, which I actually like a lot. I say "ok, so you like that better than Emmaline?" "yes" he says. Ok, so I immediately start writing the name on paper: Evie Juniper and show it to him. He wrinkles his face up. "I never really liked Juniper but I didn't want to make you mad". . I said "Don't ever do that again. Like what was going to happen if this turns out to be a girl and you tell me in the hossy that you don't like the mn?!" "Ahh, calm down", he says. "Let's just not worry about it and cross that bridge when we get to it". "Noooooo, I'm too much of a planner for that! Plus, then we'd end up naming her Ceiling Floor!", I exclaim. Of course, then he goes on to have a hay-day with that thought and comes up with many ridiculous names after inanimate objects cracking himself up and then conversation over.

So, he calls his parents to check on them bc they live right beside OK city but on the opposite side of OK city from Moore. While he's doing that (they are fine BTW) I'm looking up flower names for mn's bc that's the theme we have going for girl names. DD1's mn is Zinnia and DD2's is Camellia. I whittle it down to three I like and after he's off the phone force him into a discussion over it.

He picked Iris for the mn which I really like. I made him promise to not change his mind again or I will shoot him dead. He says he still likes Emmaline though and can't decide between that and Evie. (I like Evie more now)

The final decision is that we're showing up to the hospital with a final boys name but two options for a girls name. Evie Iris or Emmaline Iris. Funny thing is that we did that last time but opposite. We had 2 options for boys name and one for girl and we ended up with the girl.

/long explanation. Geez..
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