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June 1st, 2013, 09:37 AM
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I may take it off tonight and see!

Yeah I was surprised that it was only 1980 as well. I thought it was the 60s. I knew it was relatively recent though. We also said the Our Father in school, but I attended catholic school.

3 under 3 in a restaurant is brave! I debate going with Cam half the time!!!

We're going to DH's aunt's house this afternoon since his grandparents are in town and they haven't seen Cam since Christmas. His mom (who also hasn't seen him since Christmas) on the other hand keeps asking us to drive up to her for the day...she said he can nap on her bed., I am not leaving my mobile baby on a bed by himself. And there is absolutely no reason she can't come down here so he can nap in his crib. I am very protective of his naps now that he's napping well.
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