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June 1st, 2013, 05:40 PM
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So, I had GD with my twins. This pregnancy, failed the 1 hour, then passed the two hour. Well, at my 38 week appt on Thurs. there was glucose in my urine so they did a finger prick and my blood sugar was 186. I figured it was the sweet tea I had had about 1.5 hours before at lunch. Dr. said just try not to have a lot of sugar for the next week until the induction. Thursday night my husband went and got his mom's glucometer so I can keep track of it. Yesterday morning I had cereal and my normal decaf with sugar to see what happened and if it was something that was always going to happen. Check at 2 hours and it was fine: 110. Had a capri sun and piece of candy with lunch, check again after two hours and it was fine: 111. At this point I'm thinking it was just a fluke thing with the tea that day. So, last night we went to dinner and I got tea. After two hours it was a little high: 170. So at this point I'm realizing it's more than likely like when I had GD with the twins; the only thing that gave me issues was soda (and this time sweet tea). This morning had a donut and decaf with sugar, it was fine. Now for my question....I took my daughters to the beach today so we were out and had to get food out, so I thought I was doing something good by ordering a lemonaid (I'm always afraid to order water because I'm worried they'll give me tap water), waited the two hours and my sugar was 233!! Then waited 10-15 minutes and checked again bc the test strips are a little old, it was then 244!! Do I need to call anyone about that? I'm not sure what to do right now, if anything other than just don't drink anything but water from now until Thursday when I'm induced. I thought everything was fine, then find out about this two days ago. I am just really hoping it was caught right when the issue started.
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