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June 1st, 2013, 07:32 PM
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TWW is giving me the crazies!!!

Seriously, I have so many symptoms and I KNOW I'm over-analyzing them... it's far too early to know anything.

But here's my list and possible reasons for them:

-exhaustion (could be from pregnancy OR the fact that we weeded for like 5 hours yesterday)
-severe back pain, like I can't move or breath without yelping in pain (don't know what's causing this...)
-increased appetite, especially for chocolate and peanut butter (pregnancy OR PMS)
-pinching feeling in my abdomen (????, I thought it might be the start of a UTI, but nothings come of it... so I really don't think that's it.)

I'm a mess today. Thankfully we had nothing going on today and I've been able to just take it easy. Darling DH tried to find a reasonable WW dessert to fulfill my dessert craving, but all he came up with were rice krispy bars -- and while they were good, they just didn't satisfy my craving!

Any other time of the month and I'd just assume all these symptoms on the same day were bad luck. But since it's the TWW... I'm skeptical! I hate it!
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