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June 1st, 2013, 10:53 PM
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I know lately I haven't really been 'active' on this board; my life has been crazy hectic since we started moving before the baby was born. Then after David we have been trying to get ourselves established in a new city and even now....we have boxes yet to be unpacked.

Every chance I have free time (which isn't much), I check in with JM to see how everyone is doing and I have noticed a very disturbing trend. While I used to be sifting through pages and pages of posts to 'catch up' when I returned, I am surprised if I even have one page to sift through. It looks to me as if our numbers have dwindled down substantially after our LO's arrived. While I realize it's probably because everyone is just too busy right now....newborns are a LOT of work! I do also realize many are only connected via Facebook or other Social Media. While I do not have many JM's on my FB FL, if sent a private message I will add anyone who is interested in being connected daily with me (I am generally accessing FB on my cell only and occasionally on the web).

So I wonder how many of us are still 'active' on this board....does anyone know?

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