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June 2nd, 2013, 07:18 AM
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I just wanted to say that I had a child at 18 with no support from my parents at all. They even kicked me out of the house! But I made it! She just turned 11 the other day and she is the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn't imagine life any other way. I am 100% against abortion!! Here is why... 1. my faith doesn't allow it. Do you know that the baby's heart starts beating in week 5 of pregnancy? To me that is when it becomes a person. PERIOD. 2. I tried for 11 years to have another child and all of the doctors were telling me that it would be impossible. I spent tons of money and time and energy trying to have the child that I am now pregnant with. It was all in God's timing. Every child is a blessing. 3. My uncle's ex girlfriend from high school got pregnant. He begged her to keep the baby but she decided in abortion. He never had any other children because he couldn't live with the guilt of what he calls the murder of his first. He would have made a pretty awesome father too. There are so many different options avoiding terminating a child that never asked to be here in the first place. Everyone knows the result of sex and if they chose to have sex then they should step up to the plate and make sure that the baby has a good life. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in adoption. I totally believe in adoption and I feel that it takes a very strong person to be able to be selfless and chose an option like that. I admire women who can make that decision and most that I have spoken to said it is a lot less regret then termination. I also absolutely disagree with what the earlier lady said about the father having no rights. He might not have any rights legally but only people with no morals would take that away from them. That baby is a part of him just as much as it is of you and he should have just as much say as you do. That is what raising a baby is all about. Being able to talk to each other and make decisions together. My daughters father was not a very good father at first. But when he grew up he has been an amazing dad since. My daughter and him are very close, it just took him a while to grow up. But I NEVER took him away from her because no matter what that will always be HER daddy. Every child deserves the right to have a daddy.

With all that being said I do know there are certain instances to which things get more complicated. For example rape...I am on the fence about that one as well.

Either way none of these situations seem to be a part of this threads situation. I want to commend you on your decision to not terminate. I want you to know that your parents WILL be ok and so will his. Even if they take it hard at first please know that they will come around. They are your parents and seem to be loving parents so I'm sure that you will be fine. I'm so glad that you told the father and that he is so supportive of you. Most men are not so you have found a good one. Just know this happened for a reason and you have to figure out what that is. Don't worry about your financial situation because everything always works out. It may get difficult but it will all be ok, I promise!! Just take one day at a time and if you need help there are always places to turn! Good luck and I wish you the best!!
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