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June 2nd, 2013, 02:28 PM
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I posted this under another category , but not getting responses.

I use OPKs
Ovulation calendars (apps)
TTC every other day during fertile week and on the big O and day after.
I exercise 3 times a week (gonna start doing more) 30 min each time.
I'm active during the day(nanny- no time to not be active : ). )
Eat healthy at home( done with fast food)

Husband : can't get him to work out. 1 walk a week isn't gonna do anything. : (
He does good eating during the day.
Has diabetes
Suppose to be keeping blood sugar down(working out would help )
Has had a seamen test. Sperm count is good.

We have been TTC since Jan. 2012. About 5 of those mnths one of us was sick or had a family thing and didn't TTC that hard.
: (
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