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June 2nd, 2013, 02:47 PM
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Im so sorry that you still have not conceived. That must be very hard. Even though you are very healthy you should still get yourself checked out. Sometimes there are problems that have nothing to do with your lifestyle habits. You could have an underlying condition you don't know about like thyroid issue or something. Or an anatomical issue that you were born with. If anything get checked out for peace of mind.

I am an extremely healthy person. I have an extremely healthy whole food organic diet, take supplements, use as many natural products as possible, lots of sleep and regular exercise. I am 30 years old and having badly delayed ovulation and even possible lack of ovulation. So I need to go get checked out. So health does not make everything perfect. If I was TTC for over a year I would definitely go get checked out. In fact it is recommended to get checked out after trying for a year. If something is wrong most things as easily corrected and if something is wrong you don't want to waste another your TTC in vain.

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