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June 2nd, 2013, 07:19 PM
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Good luck with the OBGYN! It took me a long time to conceive my first child. It took 1 year to get pregnant, lost it, and then another solid year to get pregnant again. After I had her, I went on to be pregnant 8 more times in 4 years! Over one of those years was spent pregnant. 3 different pregnancies, 1 was a keeper.

Had 2 miscarriages when she was 1.
Had 1 when she was 2.
Had 1 when she was 3.
Had her sister just after she turned 4.
Had 2 more while she was 4!
Got pregnant a day before she turned 5.

Some people just take forever to get that first child, then they are suddenly quite adept at getting knocked up. I have one friend that tried for 10 years. Got pregnant and went on to have 3 babies in 3 years.
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